Key Replacement Parts of the Trampoline

Key Parts of the Trampoline

Trampoline Replacement Parts Overview

Trampoline replacement parts have lots of names, read below an overview of the main parts of a trampoline. 

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  • Enclosure: An enclosure is the shape of the ring/perimeter that surrounds the edge of the trampolines. These are used with enclosure nets. 
  • Enclosure Net: A trampoline enclosure net is a trampoline accessory that significantly reduces the chance of falling off and frame impact injuries by providing a mesh that catches jumpers if they move too close to the edge.
  • Enclosure Poles (Upper & Lower): The enclosure poles are part of the overall enclosure and come in Upper and Lower poles. These are metal poles that help support the enclosure and enclosure net.
  • Frame Pad: Thick padding that goes over the springs of the trampoline jump mat and protects feet from getting pinched.
  • Protection Foam: Cushion that can be installed around enclosure poles
  • Jump Mat: This is where all the fun happens. The mat is what players will bounce on.

    Detailed Parts

  • Metal Frame: This is the outer frame of the trampoline.
  • V-Rings: Rings that connect the springs and their hook ends to the jumping mat.
  • Springs: Strong coils that connect the v-rings to the metal frame.
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