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How To Measure Your Trampoline


Measuring your trampoline is one of the most important parts when purchasing replacement parts. This article will walk you through the three most common types of measurements you’ll need to make:

Key trampoline parts that you may need to measure:

  • Measuring your mat
  • Measuring your enclosure net
  • Measuring your spring

The trampoline has a lot of unique parts, here is a quick overview of trampoline terminology on this site. 


Measuring Your Mat

  1. There are three types of trampoline shapes- Round, Rectangular, and Hexagon. For each, you will need to find the diameter of the trampoline from end to end.
  2. Use a measuring tape to start at the outer metal frame (not the jumping mat) and measure across to the metal frame on the opposite side. 
  3. Count the number of V-Rings on your old mat. It can be easy to lose track so we highly recommend you mark your starting point, e.g. with masking tape.


Measuring Your Enclosure Net

  1. Identify the type of enclosure system you have on the trampoline:
    1. Top ring enclosures
    2. Straight-Curved pole enclosures
    3. Straight pole enclosures
    4. Arched pole enclosures
  2. Measure the size of your mat, see instructions from section before (Measure Your Mat)
  3. Count the number of poles in your enclosure set-up and make sure the net your purchasing is a match.

Measuring Your Spring

  1. Remove a couple of springs from your trampoline, and ensure that there is no spacing between the coils of the spring. Gaps between coils are an example of overstretched springs, please replace these immediately.
  2. Measure the spring from hook-end to hook-end.
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